Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Innovation Direct™ been in business?

Innovation Direct™ has been serving the independent inventor community since 1997 with high quality promotional materials, trade show representation, and licensing negotiation services.

How can I be guaranteed confidentiality when submitting my invention to Innovation Direct™?

Innovation Direct™ provides you with a Confidential Product Outline, which allows you to describe your invention and its different benefits and advantages under a guarantee of confidentiality. The Confidential Product Outline features a written and signed statement that asserts that Innovation Direct™ will not utilize your invention in any way and at any time without your consent, and which reads as follows:

 “Innovation Direct™ hereby agrees not to use, disclose, sell or transfer any portion of the idea or patent information contained herein. Furthermore, by submitting this document for review, inventor does not authorize, in any way, the transfer of any proprietary rights to any other person, company, or entity.”

Does submitting my invention to Innovation Direct™ obligate me to anything further?

No. When you submit your Confidential Product Outline, Innovation Direct™ will perform a Free Invention Screening to see if we can offer our services for your product idea. We will also send you a free Strategic Market Report providing you with an overview of the state of the industry closest to the one your invention would pertain to, when available. If we determine that we can offer our services for your invention, you will not be under any obligation to accept our proposal.

What type of inventions does Innovation Direct™ work with? What are the reasons why Innovation Direct™ may not offer its services for an invention?

Innovation Direct™ works with a wide variety of tangible, consumer product ideas as well as tangible products that may be suited for industrial use. This means that Innovation Direct™ can potentially offer its services to inventions in categories such as household products, pet products, lawn and garden products, sporting goods products, fitness equipment and accessories, hardware products, consumer electronics, and a host of others. Innovation Direct™ does not work with firearms, advertising slogans, most clothing lines, software, and any inventions that involve unrealistic or unproven technologies. Additionally, Innovation Direct™ reserves the right to decline to offer its services for any invention at any point in time. Our previously mentioned Free Invention Screening allows our qualified staff to review the details of your invention and determine whether it falls into an acceptable category, restricted category, or requires more information for us to render a final decision.

How does Innovation Direct™ get paid? Do you charge up-front fees, take a percentage of royalties if an invention is successful, or a combination of both?

Innovation Direct™ is a fee-for-service company. This means that our company offers a variety of marketing options for the inventions that we are able to work with, and each plan will have a one-time fee associated with it depending on what services it contains. This one-time fee is the only cost to the inventor at any point in time when working with Innovation Direct™, and is only applicable if an inventor chooses to accept our proposal for invention assistance services. Innovation Direct™ does not, under any circumstances, take any percentage of an inventor’s royalties for any licensing agreement it may help secure.

Does Innovation Direct™ negotiate “buyouts” of inventions, or do you strictly work on licensing agreements that pay royalties over an allotted period of time?

Innovation Direct is receptive to discussing any type of potential transaction involving intellectual property on behalf of our clients. This could potentially be an offer of a “buyout” of the rights to an invention and/ or its patent, but realistically, that scenario is exceedingly rare in our experience. However, if the opportunity does present itself, we are certainly prepared to explore the possibility and we attempt to secure the best deal possible on behalf of our client.


How many licensing agreements has Innovation Direct™ been directly responsible for securing?

Innovation Direct™, through the use of its EXCLUSIVE proven and patented licensing process, has been directly responsible for securing over two hundred seventy-five (275) licensing agreements. Our latest success is Chop N Serve, a dynamic kitchen accessory that is currently being sold through, among other outlets.