Innovation Direct™ To Expand Its Business Operations With Additional Office in South Florida…

MIAMI, FL- March 25th, 2013- Innovation Direct™, a leader in the new product assistance and licensing field since 1997, will be expanding its base of operations in South Florida in early April with an additional location. Innovation Direct™ has been enhancing the scope of its services to its clients in recent months, with the addition of a referral service that allows inventors who wish to file a provisional application for a patent on their new product ideas to do so through an independent patent law group. The company has also continued to employ its patented and proven invention licensing process with the new product concepts it represents when applicable.

An additional office location becomes the next natural step for Innovation Direct™ in its quest to continually provide its clientele with optimal levels of service. “We are excited about the increased efficiency that we envision our additional office space will bring us,” commented Peter Doran, Innovation Direct™’s Managing Director. “We also expect that our new location will provide us with the room we require to comfortably maintain a consistent growth pattern into the future.”

Innovation Direct™ will continue to offer what it believes to be the most competitive and effective invention assistance services in the industry, backed by its patented and proven licensing process. It expects its client base to continue to expand and its roster to become increasingly diversified with a wide variety of innovative product ideas as its newest location affords them an ability to progressively enhance their levels of service.

About Innovation Direct™: Innovation Direct™ is in its 17th year as a leader in the field of new product licensing and intellectual property transfer and is the exclusive licensee of a proven and patented invention licensing process.


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