Innovation Direct™ begins searches for girl-related items at request of West Coast-based industry partner…

Good morning, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Licensing, checking back in with our second report on a busy Monday morning. Searches through the Innovation Direct™ database continue today for items that would be a potentially good fit for a request recently made by our West Coast-based industry partner. Late Friday afternoon, an Innovation Direct™ representative began the initial research with regards to this matter, which involves evaluating product ideas in multiple categories.

Innovation Direct™ has been been involved with our aforementioned industry partner since we became acquainted with him during the 2005 International Home and Housewares Show, and he has been integral in the securing of multiple licensing agreements for Innovation Direct™ inventor clients in the past. This particular request stems from a company that has approached him about a new intellectual property that is aimed at girls from the age of 9 through the early teen years, and for which they are in search of products that would mesh well with the brand.

As soon as we have further developments with this situation we will bring them to you, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Check back often!


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