Innovation Direct™ closes out 2008 Hardware Expo and Construction Products Exhibit with busy afternoon…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in one final time regarding the 2008 Hardware Expo and Construction Products Exhibit. The story of this year’s event, which marks the 2nd year that Innovation Direct™ has participated in some capacity, is the leap up the show seemed to take over last year in number of both exhibitors and attendees.

As our trade show contingent, traffic at the Innovation Direct™ booth was consistent throughout the 3 days, even with the proceedings transpiring over a weekend. Additionally, as evidenced by all of our previous postings regarding the show, there appeared to be an impressive array of renowned companies in the hardware and tool industry on hand, with other industries certainly also well represented.

One of Innovation Direct™’s principal beliefs regarding trade shows is that the true value of the contacts made is often not seen until months later at the earliest. The possible benefits of forging relationships with many of these companies come into clearer view after they are able to review Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas for an extended period of time.

Join us throughout the upcoming week as we detail the beginning of our follow-up efforts with the contacts made at this outstanding show!


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