Innovation Direct™ closes out Day 1 of 2008 National Hardware Show with Lawn and Garden World by forging new relationships…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with an update to wrap up Day 1 coverage of the 2008 National Hardware Show with Lawn and Garden World. Traffic at the show continued to be consistent throughout the event’s inaugural day, and the Innovation Direct™ trade show contingent reports that some solid contacts were made at the exhibit booth as a result.

One of the strong prospects is the owner of a Canadian plastics manufacturer that is essentially seeking new product ideas of all categories that could conceivably be fabricated from the material. The company was very receptive to the sound of Innovation Direct™’s Innovation Direct To Industry™ program, and is looking forward to receiving items from our roster on an ongoing basis.

A second company that was dialogued with was a plumbing supplies manufacturer that is not only looking for inventions in his core business, but other hardware-related items as well. As with the aforementioned plastics company, this outfit will also enter the Innovation Direct To Industry™ program and receive a batch of Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas to review shortly after the show has concluded.

Join us tomorrow for all the details on Day 2!


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