Innovation Direct™ inventor’s automotive-related accessory subject of initial interest from Minnesota-based company; non-disclosure agreement sent…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back one final time for a very eventful Thursday. Our final report for the day regarding an Innovation Direct™ inventor product idea capturing the attention of a manufacturer involves an automotive-related accessory. The company expressing an initial interest is a Minnesota-based outfit that manufacturers a segment of products that this particular invention would appear to fit in quite seamlessly.

The manufacturer initially received preliminary, non-confidential material about this concept in early September. After reviewing the information, they opted to request more details on the invention and communicated with Innovation Direct™ through the mail regarding their desire to review all the details available. In response to this request, a non-disclosure agreement was sent to the company that once signed, will allow us to provide them with all the detailed design information the inventor has made available on the concept.

If and when this situation evolves further, the Innovation Direct™ Blog will be the place to read about it. Join us frequently!


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