Innovation Direct™ inventor’s drink accessory subject of initial interest from Texas-based manufacturer; non-disclosure agreement sent…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with another report of an Innovation Direct™ inventor’s product idea capturing the eye of a manufacturer. On this occasion, the invention is a drink accessory and the company is a Texas-based manufacturer that has been in the business of manufacturing beverage insulators and kooler bags for over 20 years, as per their official website.

The company had first received preliminary, non-confidential information on the invention in September, and found it to be sufficiently intriguing to warrant a request for more details. Accordingly, Innovation Direct™ has already sent the company a non-disclosure agreement for signature. If the guarantee of confidentiality is returned properly executed, Innovation Direct™ will provide them access to all of the detailed design information available on the product idea.

Any and all future updates regarding this situation will be found right here in this space, so check back with the Innovation Direct™ Blog frequently!


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