Innovation Direct™ kicks off Day 2 of Licensing International 2008 with frenzied but productive morning…

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’ s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with our first update regarding Day 2 of Licensing International 2008. As those who read our entries here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog yesterday are aware, the first day of the event was very fruitful in terms of the securing of leads for Innovation Direct™ inventors. The early hours of Day 2 have proven to be even more productive for Innovation Direct™, as several of what could be key contacts have been established.

Among the visitors during the first half of today’s proceedings: A gentleman who was in the toy industry for many years and now serves as a private invention agent, along the lines of our West Coast-based industry partner that we have mentioned many times here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog; a newly established outdoor products company that is seeking product ideas in categories such as camping, picnic, cooking, and apparel; and a Hong Kong-based outfit seeking consumer electronics items.

We should be receiving another update from our trade show contingent shortly, as they indicated to me in the conversation that yielded the information in this post that the booth was beginning to experience heavy traffic once again. Join us shortly for more!


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