Innovation Direct™ receives communication from Nevada-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ infomercial company regarding ideas sent to them in July 2007…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with an update on a situation that demonstrates why inventors should be wary of throwing in the towel too quickly with regards to any one particular company. Earlier Monday, the Innovation Direct™ representative that has managed the Innovation Direct To Industry™ account of a Nevada-based infomercial company since early 2007 received an e-mail communication from a new member of their new products division with regards to a package of preliminary, non-confidential information on 21 product ideas that they’d been sent back on July 30th of last year.

The aforementioned Innovation Direct™ representative had attempted multiple follow-ups since that point with our main point of contact at the company but had been informed time and time again that they were very busy and had been unable to even give the items a cursory review. In fact, we had reported about one of these instances in a March 11th entry (“Update: Innovation Direct™ receives response from Las Vegas-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company to request for update sent earlier today…“).

However, as per the e-mail received earlier today from the new member of their team, he has been assigned to attempt to expedite the process of reviewing all pending new product ideas that have been submitted to them. The group of 21 Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas mentioned earlier in this post are obviously fall into that category, and the Innovation Direct™ representative complied with his request to resend the package of information via e-mail earlier this afternoon.

We are pleased to be able to report that it appears a reigniting of the relationship with this company is imminent, and will certainly keep you apprised of any developments, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Check back frequently!


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