Innovation Direct™ receives new request regarding past inventions from West Coast-based industry partner…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back with our second and final update for a Wednesday. Earlier Wednesday afternoon, Innovation Direct™’s West Coast-based industry partner presented the Innovation Direct™ representative that normally manages his Innovation Direct To Industry™ account with a request for a resending of detailed information on a substantial number of household product ideas that he had received from our firm in the 3+ years we had been dealing with him.

The request was prompted by a new partnership that one of his longest-tenured client companies has forged with an overseas outfit that specializes in household products. Our West Coast-based industry partner wanted to revisit many of the items we’d sent him in the past to determine whether there was any potential value. After reviewing the list sent and weeding out all of the inventions that are no longer represented by Innovation Direct™, access to detailed design information on 10 product ideas that still were current was sent to our West Coast-based industry partner.

We will continue to follow this developing situation closely and will bring you all updates regarding it here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stay tuned!


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