Innovation Direct™ receives positive report from West Coast-based industry partner regarding 3 past inventions…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™s Director of Product Licensing, checking in another update. Earlier Monday, our West Coast-based industry partner that we have mentioned often in this space communicated to us that there is potentially serious interest in 3 items from our roster that he has been actively trying to get noticed for over 2 years. The inventions fall in the holiday, game, and fitness categories respectively.

Our industry partner, who has developed many one-on-one relationships with manufacturers and marketers over the years, serves as an invaluable supplement to our own efforts, and he has been instrumental in the licensing of 4 Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas in the time we have worked in conjunction with him. Give his past success, we are certainly encouraged by the fact that he continues to work on behalf of the aforementioned 3 product ideas and are hoping that each scenario culminates in licensing success.

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