Innovation Direct™ sends preliminary information on shovel invention to National Hardware Show 2008 lead…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back with our latest update. Earlier Monday, Innovation Direct™ sent preliminary, non-confidential information about a shovel invention from our roster to the Director of Engineering of an Indiana-based company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of such products. The company had been a fellow exhibitor of Innovation Direct™ at the National Hardware Show 2008 back in May, and had recently been identified by an Innovation Direct™ representative as a potentially good candidate for the aforementioned invention.

Before sending the materials, the Innovation Direct™ representative placed a call to the company and explained his purpose for contacting them. After being transferred to the company’s Director of Engineering for further details on their idea submission policies, the Innovation Direct™ representative was able to confirm that the company would be willing to review preliminary details on the product concept and would consider signing the accompanying non-disclosure agreement if the material they looked over piqued their interest sufficiently.

With a distribution network that according to the company’s official website includes a host of retail stores, catalogs, and e-commerce outlets, Innovation Direct™ is certainly intrigued by the potential for success that may exist. Check back frequently for any and all updates to this developing situation!


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