Innovation Direct™ wraps up Day 1 of ASI Show Chicago 2008 by meeting with two innovative product development companies…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with our final report regarding Day 1 of ASI Show Chicago 2008. It has been a momentous initial installment of the show for Innovation Direct™, and we fittingly wrapped up the day by meeting with the principals of two product development companies that have the ability to take a wide variety of concepts from the abstract to store shelves.

The first outfit is a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in bringing products to both the retail and advertising speciality industries. As the company president explained in his conversation with us, his company and a sister firm have been instrumental in supplying many ASI supplier members with new items for years behind the scenes but this year, they opted to have an exhibit booth at the show for the first time. As per their official website, the company has developed and marketed items in the household, food and drink, plush toy, and office supply categories in years past, and are constantly seeking new innovations. Because of their considerable receptiveness to new inventions in a large number of categories, we feel this company may prove to be an invaluable addition to our Innovation Direct To Industry™ program going forward.

The second entity is an Indiana-based company that has an impressive staff of individuals specializing in all types of engineering, and that has spearheaded the launch of several new products over the last few years. At this show for example, the company is displaying a prototype of an innovative new golf item for the first time, and the production molds of the product are currently being finalized overseas. According to our conversation with one of the company principals at the booth, they are very interested in seeing as diverse a sampling of new product ideas as possible, as they have the ability to place items through a number of distribution channels.

We will certainly keep Innovation Direct™ Blog readers abreast of all developments with these companies in the future here in this space. Join us Thursday as we bring you latest from the second and final day of ASI Show Chicago 2008!


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