Innovation Direct™ assisting baby accessory inventor in contacting major companies in industry…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back once more with a quick update. Earlier Monday, a Innovation Direct™ representative, at the request of the inventor of a baby accessory on our roster, began the process of looking into the invention submission policies of three major manufacturers in the infant products industry. Our colleague conducted internet research through the respective websites of each of the companies and already determined that one of them will not review inventions under any degree of confidentiality, thereby eliminating them as a possible candidate to receive anything beyond preliminary, non-confidential information.

The other two entities did not display their express policies about external idea submissions on their sites, so telephone follow-up will be conducted to determine if they are receptive to looking at inventions from outside sources and if so, which department or contact person information should be addressed to. When we are able to obtain further information with respect to these two manufacturers we will certainly relay it, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog.

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