Innovation Direct™ begins follow-up with SHOT Show 2010 exhibitors, sends e-mail to hunting apparel manufacturer…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back in with our first post-SHOT Show 2010 update. Earlier Friday afternoon, Innovation Direct™ representatives began the follow-up process with exhibitors from the event by sending an e-mail to Georgia-based Bell Ranger Apparel. One of the company principals had spoken with our trade show representative during the event last month, and had essentially confirmed they would receptive to reviewing new product idea information from our roster on an ongoing basis.

The e-mail sent today was an acknowledgment of the conversation that had taken place during the show, and a request for a confirmation that the manufacturer was prepared to begin reviewing inventions at this time. The correspondence also requested that Bell Ranger provide Innovation Direct™ with a full overview of all of the product categories they would be interested in reviewing concepts in.

We look forward to the company’s response and will also initiate contact with many more exhibitors from the SHOT Show next week. Check in often with the Innovation Direct™ Blog to be kept abreast of the latest!


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