Innovation Direct™ enjoys productive and successful visit to 2 foremost automotive industry trade shows…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a report on our experiences at the 2 foremost trade shows in the automotive industry, the SEMA Show and AAPEX. The two exhibits ran semi-concurrently in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the SEMA Show occupying the 4 day span of November 2nd-5th and the AAPEX proceedings stretching from November 1st-3rd. As has been the case for the previous 7 years, Innovation Direct™ fully embraced the opportunity to walk the aisles of both events, which featured the leading manufacturers in a multitude of categories from all over the world.

The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) Show was extremely well-attended and spectacularly accessorized, as customary. The particularly valuable aspect of this exhibit is that it manages to expertly balance the equation of quality and quantity each year. With an abundance of over-sized exhibits and a variety of eye-catching new automobile designs prominently on display from the world’s leading auto makers, the SEMA Show certainly does not lack in style. By the same token, with an overflow of exhibitors interested in doing business and enhancing their current product lines, the event also offers plenty of substance.

The AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) Show, the “nuts and bolts” component of the SEMA/AAPEX trade show pairing, has also been a productive staple of Innovation Direct™’s itinerary for several years. The AAPEX event features the leading manufacturers and marketers of the multi million dollar automotive aftermarket and serves as a less visually stunning yet just as productive networking forum for companies such as ours. This year’s proceedings brought about new opportunities to speak with a variety of exhibitors who we hope to integrate into our dynamic new product information delivery service, Innovation Direct To Industry™, as soon as possible.

SEMA and AAPEX certainly served as fitting events to close out the Innovation Direct 2010 trade show ledger, and we already look forward to kicking of 2011 with another terrific experience at the SHOT Show! Stay tuned to the Innovation Direct™ Blog for all trade show-related news!


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