Innovation Direct™ receives feedback from Iowa-based manufacturer on bird feeder accessory…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, chiming in with an update on a bird feeder accessory from our roster. Earlier this week, an Iowa-based company that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of products in this category provided their feedback on the detailed information and prototype of a bird feeder accessory they’d recently been evaluating.

The company had initially taken an interest in the invention after reviewing preliminary information about it back in early July. After executing a non-disclosure agreement, they had been provided access to all of the detailed information available on the concept, which included a detailed product description, digital rendition, and 3-D virtual reality rendering. Having determined that the concept possessed a enough potential for them to conduct further due diligence, the manufacturer requested that they be allowed to review the inventor’s prototype and demonstration DVD first-hand.

As per the correspondence received from senior executives at the company earlier this week, the potential licensee would like to see some refinements and improvements made to the product’s design before they reconsider it for possible inclusion into their product lines. Accordingly, the inventor will work on attempting to implement the manufacturer’s suggestions in the near future, with an eye towards possible resubmission to the company afterward.

Check in often with the Innovation Direct™ Blog for any and all details regarding further developments with this situation!


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