Innovation Direct™ Secures Licensing Agreement For Fitness-Related Beverage Accessory…

Innovation Direct™, a Miami, Florida-based leader in intellectual property licensing soon entering its 15th year of serving the inventor community, has secured a licensing agreement for a fitness-related beverage accessory from its roster with a New York-based manufacturer that is part of the company’s dynamic new product information subscription service, Innovation Direct To Industry™. The inventor of the product has already shipped a functioning prototype of the item to the licensee for a first-hand review and evaluation.

The manufacturer took an initial interest in the concept after having reviewed preliminary, non-confidential information about it in the form of a press release in the most recent Innovation Direct To Industry™ package prepared for them by the Innovation Direct™ representative managing their account within the program. Upon executing a standard non-disclosure agreement, the company was then granted access to all of the detailed design information available for the product, located within a password-protected website. The manufacturer was able to evaluate the invention within this site by viewing a color digital rendition, new product video overview, and short virtual reality presentation, along with reading over a detailed product description.

The invention is described as an accessory that provides its users with a dependable method of measuring and controlling certain aspects of their nutritional intake. The product will will be easy to use and conveniently portable to virtually any location. It will also help promote better health through weight loss and controlled portions. The licensee will conduct a thorough evaluation of all aspects of manufacturing and marketing of the product before deciding what course to take towards its attempted commercialization.

Innovation Direct™ will continue to be available to both the licensor and licensee to assist in any feasible manner with the ongoing effort to take the product to consumers.

About Innovation Direct™: Miami, Florida-based Innovation Direct™ is in its 14th year as a leader in the field of new product licensing and intellectual property transfer.


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