Innovation Direct™ sends Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail to 15 additional AAPEX Show 2009 exhibitors…

Greetings,  Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back in once more with a quick update regarding our Innovation Direct To Industry™-related efforts with exhibitors from the AAPEX Show 2009. Earlier Wednesday, Innovation Direct™ representatives once again delved into the task of conducting follow-up with companies from the show by sending an e-mail introducing the Innovation Direct To Industry™ program to 15 more companies from the event.

As customary, each manufacturer that received the correspondence was first researched by Innovation Direct™ to insure that they not only have production capabilities, but marketing and distribution as well. We are optimistic that the result of today’s effort will be similarly successful to our campaigns and will provide the details of any responses we receive, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog.

Check back in with us frequently for the latest!


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