Innovation Direct™ receives response to Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail from National Hardware Show 2009 exhibitor Primeline; initial package of inventions to be put together soon…

Greetings, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in yet again with an update. Earlier Monday, Innovation Direct™ received a reply from California-based outfit that bills itself as “North America’s largest supplier of window and door replacement hardware.” The company was a respondent to one of our recent Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail campaigns with National Hardware Show 2009 exhibitors.

As per our communication exchange with the manufacturer on Monday, they are also interested in reviewing items that fall into the security hardware category, in addition to the door and window accessories that are such prominent parts of their existing product lines. With their invention category criteria clearly established, the Innovation Direct™ representative that will manage Primeline’s Innovation Direct To Industry™ account will begin searches toward their initial package in the coming days.

Join us for all future updates regarding this company, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stay tuned!


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