Patent Services


On September 16, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the Patent Reform Act into law. The Patent Reform Act of 2011 essentially rewards inventors who are the first to file for protection on their idea, as opposed to the first who may have thought of the idea but never officially documented it.  

As a result of the U.S. Patent Office giving priority to inventors who act quickly on protecting their inventions, Innovation Direct™ has established relationships with multiple patent law groups that can assist Innovation Direct™ inventor clients with all patent-related needs.  Due to our previously established and trusted relationships with them, these patent law groups will offer Innovation Direct™ clients exclusive discounted rates for their services.

These services include the filing of a provisional application for patent, which is a cost-effective method of officially documenting an invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and which grants the invention “Patent Pending” status.  In our 17 years of experience in assisting inventors, Innovation Direct™ has found that an invention that at a minimum has a “Patent Pending” status will often secure more attention from manufacturers and potential licensees when marketed, since it generally demonstrates a certain level of commitment from the inventor to their product idea and can also often indicate that the concept has a certain level of development.

DISCLAIMER: Innovation Direct™ is not a patent law firm and does not render any legal advice at any time. Additionally, Innovation Direct™ does not employ registered patent attorneys or patent practitioners on its staff. Innovation Direct™ has established business relationships with multiple patent law groups to which it refers inventors who wish to explore and/or obtain patent-related services for their invention. All patent-related work is performed exclusively for Innovation Direct™ inventor clients by these qualified patent law groups.