Update: Innovation Direct™ prepares, sends initial 15 invention Innovation Direct To Industry™ package to California-based infomercial giant…

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back with more positive news regarding Innovation Direct To Industry™. In a March 31st entry (“Update: Innovation Direct™ receives response to post-Housewares Show e-mail follow-up from California-based infomercial powerhouse…“), we had reported that a California-based infomercial company that boasted considerable success over the last 17 years with a variety of well-known products had responded to Innovation Direct™’s mass e-mail follow-up campaign targeted at 2008 International Home and Housewares Show exhibitors. The company’s product development manager had indicated a willingness to begin reviewing inventions from the Innovation Direct™ roster on an ongoing basis in a variety of categories.

As we’d also noted in the aforementioned posting, our goal was to have a batch of preliminary, non-confidential information on Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas in this company’s hands as soon as possible. Accordingly, moments ago, a package of information on 15 inventions from the Innovation Direct™ roster that included inventions in the general household, cooking, fitness, and lawn and garden categories was sent to our contact at this company .

As customary, we now await this company’s impressions on the details received and their communication of which product ideas from the group will be of further interest to them. As soon as we have this information we will certainly pass it along, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stay tuned!


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