Update: Innovation Direct™ receives feedback from International Home and Housewares Show lead on initial Innovation Direct To Industry™ package…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with some up-to-the-minute news. We are pleased to report that we have already received feedback from our contact at the England-based manufacturer that we had met at the 2008 International Home and Housewares Show and that we had just sent an initial Innovation Direct To Industry™ package to on Friday. We had reported on this situation in a March 28th entry (“Update: Innovation Direct™ sends out 8-invention Innovation Direct To Industry™ package to Home and Housewares Show lead…“).

As per an e-mail received just minutes ago by the Innovation Direct™ representative managing this company’s Innovation Direct To Industry™ account, there is an interest from them in obtaining detailed design information on 4 out of the 8 inventions sent to them for review. Their correspondence also indicated that one of our contact’s colleagues in their U.S. office will be sending us their non-disclosure agreement for our review.

Assuming that the terms of their confidentiality agreement are sufficient to adequately protect the product ideas of Innovation Direct™’s inventor clients, we will soon be providing this company with the detailed information on each item they have requested it for. We are enthused by the prompt turnaround time of this company’s feedback and are certainly hopeful that this is an indication of how productive the relationship with them will be.

Stay tuned to the Innovation Direct™ Blog for all updates regarding this developing situation!


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