Update: Innovation Direct™ receives feedback from inventor on professional sample of his sports accessory; impressions passed along to prototype developer…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back for a third time with more news. Updating a situation we had last mentioned in a March 21st entry (“Innovation Direct™ receives professional prototype of sporting equipment invention that is subject of exclusive developmental agreement…“), Innovation Direct™ has received feedback from the inventor of a sports accessory that had been sent a professional sample of his product recently.

As we’d detailed in the aforementioned posting, the prototype was developed at the request of an India-based sporting goods company that signed an exclusive developmental agreement for the invention in 2007. A key to their ability to make a long-term decision on the product idea was being able to evaluate a professional sample first-hand, hence the contracting of a prototype developer to produce that sample.

The inventor indicated in his e-mail correspondence that he was very pleased overall with the sample he received and that he was especially impressed with the quality of materials used. There were a couple of corrections and modifications to be made to the design however, and the inventor detailed those in his e-mail, which was subsequently passed along to the prototype developer by the Innovation Direct™ representative managing this situation.

We now await word on whether the developer will create a new sample from scratch or whether he will need the inventor to ship back the materials. As soon as we have further updates to this situation we will make them available right here in this space. Stay tuned!


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