Update: Innovation Direct™ receives response from Kentucky-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company to request for follow-up on 12 inventions under review…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a report to wrap up what has certainly been an eventful week. Updating a situation we had just reported on yesterday (“Update: Innovation Direct™ sends second request for update to contact at Kentucky-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company…“), Innovation Direct™ has finally received a response to a request for an update from a Kentucky-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company that has been reviewing preliminary, non-confidential information on 12 product ideas from their latest package.

As per the e-mail received from our contact, the reason for his company’s recent lack of response and action has been because they have been consumed with several other projects that have come their way unexpectedly. As a result, they have had to put their review of the inventions to the side for the time being, but hope to be able to pick them up again soon.

Although this is certainly not the ideal response, we know from experience that consistent follow-up and keeping the lines of communication open are integral to eventually obtaining results from manufacturers. As such, we will continue to check in periodically with this company and will keep you abreast of the developments, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog.

Join us Monday as we kick off another terrific week!


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