Update: Innovation Direct™ receives update from inventor regarding manufacturer’s interest in his product…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, chiming in with our second and final Monday report here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Earlier Monday, we received e-mail communication from the inventor of a medical accessory that has been the subject of interest from a Massachusetts-based manufacturer. The inventor’s correspondence was in response to a request for an update Innovation Direct™ had made of him on Friday, which was the same day we most recently reported on this situation (“Update: Innovation Direct™ seeks update from inventor of medical accessory regarding interest from Massachusetts-based manufacturer…“).

As we’d mentioned in that posting, Innovation Direct™ had originally spoken to the Executive Vice President of the interested manufacturer several weeks ago after he’d evaluated the detailed design information available on the idea. Due to the fact that the company had specific questions about the product’s functionality, we had agreed to have the inventor contact him. Since we had not heard back from the inventor since that point, we had decided to follow up with an e-mail on Friday.

The inventor explained in his response that he had indeed spoken to the manufacturer, and the aforementioned representative had explained to him that the inventor’s current design would prove to costly to manufacture. By the same token, the suggestion was made to the inventor in that conversation that he try modifying the design and present the new information to the company once it was ready.

Accordingly, the inventor has agreed to send Innovation Direct™ a rendition of the changes, after which a professional digital rendition of the modified version will be put together. Once this is completed, we will follow through on providing the company access to the invention information once again.

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