What type of inventions does Innovation Direct™ work with? What are the reasons why Innovation Direct™ may not offer its services for an invention?

Innovation Direct™ works with a wide variety of tangible, consumer product ideas as well as tangible products that may be suited for industrial use. This means that Innovation Direct™ can potentially offer its services to inventions in categories such as household products, pet products, lawn and garden products, sporting goods products, fitness equipment and accessories, hardware products, consumer electronics, and a host of others. Innovation Direct™ does not work with firearms, advertising slogans, most clothing lines, software, and any inventions that involve unrealistic or unproven technologies. Additionally, Innovation Direct™ reserves the right to decline to offer its services for any invention at any point in time. Our previously mentioned Free Invention Screening allows our qualified staff to review the details of your invention and determine whether it falls into an acceptable category, restricted category, or requires more information for us to render a final decision.