Extensive updates to Innovation Direct™ Blog coming this week…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a quick update. Regular readers of the Innovation Direct™ Blog may have noticed that our updates have been somewhat sporadic lately. There has been a very positive reason for this, that being that we have been very focused on significantly increasing the number of manufacturers in our Innovation Direct To Industry™ program.

We are pleased to report that our diligent efforts have been consistently rewarded over the past several weeks, as almost 20 new companies have agreed to review Innovation Direct™ inventor product ideas on an ongoing basis through our dynamic service!

Additionally, Innovation Direct has been hard at work in preparing the initial Innovation Direct To Industry™ packages for many of these aforementioned new manufacturer contacts. Consequently, our ability to update the Blog on a regular basis has been somewhat compromised. However, beginning tomorrow, check in as we go “back in time” to fill in the gaps in coverage we have experienced. 

We are commited to bringing you all of the relevant Innovation Direct™ news Monday-Friday, and we will therefore be backdating our posts so that we provide you with a chronlogically accurate recounting of all of the recent happenings involving our roster of inventions.

Check in with us beginning tomorrow!


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