Innovation Direct™ closes out Licensing International 2008 with productive Day 3…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in one final time regarding the Licensing International 2008 show. Customarily, the final day of a trade show exhibit is somewhat more deliberately paced than the earlier installments, primarily because many of the attendees have tended to their business during the first two days of the show and have flown back to their offices to tend to other business.

However, the often reduced traffic is usually a blessing in disguise, as it provides ample opportunity for exhibitors to network with others on the show floor, and to visit more extensively with those that stop by their booth. Our trade show contingent reports that such was essentially the case on Thursday, as they conversed with quite a few individuals intrigued by Innovation Direct™’s range of services for inventors.

Additionally, a member of our trade show team did have opportunities to collect business cards from fellow exhibitors, and those will be reviewed in detail upon his return to the office, with the purpose of determining whether there will be some viable candidates for the Innovation Direct To Industry™ program within the group.

Join us in the coming days and weeks on the Innovation Direct™ Blog as we update you on any follow-ups with the companies met during Licensing International 2008!


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