Innovation Direct™ communicates with over 35 additional Home and Housewares Show 2009 exhibitors regarding second chance for Innovation Direct To Industry™ membership; 2 responses already received…

Hello once more, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back with another report regarding our “second chance” Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail campaign with International Home and Housewares Show 2009 exhibitors. Wednesday afternoon, another round of correspondence regarding the program was e-mailed to over 35 companies that had participated in the show. We are pleased to report that within the hour of the e-mail being sent, we had received affirmative replies from two companies wanting to become a part of our service.

The first manufacturer is Colorado-based CM International, Inc., which does business in the consumer market under the name of Cameron’s Products. CM International specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of barbecue and outdoor cooking accessories, along with a variety of kitchen products, as per their entry in the Housewares Show exhibitor guide and details on their official website. The second company to respond Wednesday was DDR Group, Inc., a California-based outfit that deals in the bath and dental products categories primarily, including lines in these areas targeted specifically at children.

We proudly welcome both companies to our Innovation Direct To Industry program and look forward to putting together their initial batches of invention information in the coming days. Stay tuned to the Innovation Direct™ Blog for all future updates with respect to these companies!


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