Innovation Direct™ receives reply of interest to Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail from Texas-based National Hardware Show 2009 exhibitor Forever Gifts, Inc.; initial package of inventions to be put together soon…

Happy Friday, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with our first update of the day. Earlier Friday, Innovation Direct™ received a reply of interest from Forever Gifts, Inc. to an e-mail they had received regarding the Innovation Direct To Industry™ program. Forever Gifts, Inc. is a Texas-based company that had been an exhibitor at last May’s National Hardware Show 2009, and that was one of the manufacturers targeted in the Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail blast of July 19th (

The company representative explained that they would be interested in reviewing any decorative garden products. As per their official website, Forever Gifts has been manufacturing and marketing their own products for over 23 years, and has a factory overseas.

The Innovation Direct™ representative that will manage the Innovation Direct To Industry™ account of Forever Gifts, Inc. will begin searches towards their initial package over the coming days. Join us here frequently on the Innovation Direct™ Blog for all future updates regarding this situation!


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