Innovation Direct™ receives signed non-disclosure agreement for cellular phone accessory from Washington-based venture capital broker; access to detailed design information sent…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with our latest report. Earlier Monday, Innovation Direct™ received a signed non-disclosure agreement from a Washington-based venture capital broker for a cell phone accessory from our roster. Accordingly, the Innovation Direct™ representative managing the situation prepared and sent the manufacturer access to all of the detailed design information on the invention via e-mail earlier Monday afternoon.

As per a previous conversation with the gentleman, the broker potentially has several contacts he would be able to reach out to regarding further development and eventual commercialization of the product idea. We are hopeful that we will be able to provide positive updates in the future regarding this situation  and will keep you abreast of all developments, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Join us frequently for the latest news!


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