Hardware Expo and Construction Products

2008- April 25-27, 2008- Puerto Rico Convention Center (San Juan, PR)

Hello, this is Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in after a very positive experience at the 2008 Hardware Expo and Construction Products Show, which took place at the beautiful Puerto Rico Convention Center in the island’s capital city of San Juan from April 25th-27th. After a successful initial experience at last year’s proceedings, Innovation Direct™ was excited to return to Puerto Rico on behalf of Invent-Tech inventors. We are pleased to report that this year’s exhibit was even more extensive and well-attended than the 2007 edition, and a number of new and potentially valuable contacts were made.

For example, even during an abbreviated Day 1 of the event, which only spanned 3 hours, the Innovation Direct™ trade show team was able to speak to representatives of two of the largest tool companies in the world. During the event’s 2nd day, a company that specializes in trucking accessories stopped by the Innovation Direct™ booth and spoke with representatives regarding the Innovation Direct To Industry™ program, Innovation Direct™’s dynamic new product subscription service for manufacturers. On the show’s closing day, the Innovation Direct™ trade show contingent met the representative of a household cleaning products company also interested in receiving new product idea information on Invent-Tech inventor concepts on a regular basis.

We have already begun our follow-up process with the leads obtained at the show, and this will continue for the next several weeks at a minimum. Although the event was modestly sized overall, we feel that the quality of the companies we networked with was quite high, and hope that the relationships forged during the show will prove to be fruitful on a long-term basis to Invent-Tech inventors.


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