Shot Show 2008

Hello, this is Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, with our summary of SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show) 2008.

The show took place between February 2nd and 5th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and certainly lived up to this event’s long standing reputation of excellence and sheer size. According to the show’s official website, the event set a new attendance record with 58,769 attendees and featured close to 26,000 exhibitors. Companies specializing in camping, hunting, outdoors, sporting goods, and law enforcement products made up the majority of exhibitors and attendees, as customary, were from all walks of industry.

Traffic at the Innovation Direct™ booth was at a brisk pace through all 4 days of the event, as SHOT once again proved its staying power in terms of attendance throughout even the final day of its proceedings. The Innovation Direct™ trade show contingent had the pleasure of making a solid number of what look to be promising contacts that were very interested in the sound and details of our new product idea information service, Innovation Direct To Industry™.

Included in this group of companies: A manufacturer specializing in outdoor apparel for both men and women; a company that makes recreational items for the outdoors for males, and who also has a close business partner interested in all sorts of sporting goods; a Washington state-based outfit that is involved with the manufacturing of a number of outdoor products, including camping and mountain biking accessories; a California-based firm that is mainly involved with tools and hardware; and a Taiwanese manufacturer interested in reviewing hunting and outdoor items in particular, with an openness to other categories in the future.

Naturally, the Manufacturer Response Team will begin follow-up with these companies as soon as possible, in an attempt to establish ongoing and beneficial relationships with as many of them as possible. For ongoing updates on developments with these and other contacts made during SHOT 2008, visit our Innovation Direct™ Network Blog.


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