Update: Innovation Direct™ makes potential headway towards long sought-after feedback from Califoria-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company regarding 15 inventions…

Good evening, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with our final update for a busy Monday. Earlier this afternoon, we made potential progress towards obtaining feedback from a California-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company that had been a fellow exhibitor of our company’s at last March’s International Home and Housewares Show, and which had received preliminary, non-confidential information on 15 product ideas from our roster last April. We had most recently reported on our latest attempt to obtain an update from this manufacturer in a December 17th entry (“Update: International Technology Transfer persistent in attempt to obtain closure on 15 inventions from California-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company…“).

In a conversation today with our West Coast-based industry partner, he happened to mention that this infomercial company was actually one of the manufacturers he called on personally out in California, where he resides. After further deliberation, it was decided that he would make an attempt to personally follow up with the company on our behalf during his next meeting with them, which is imminent. While this does not guarantee that anything will be accomplished, we certainly feel it puts the entire situation in a much better light than it where it currently stands.

We will certainly update you if and when we do finally receive an update on this situation. Join us frequently on the Innovation Direct™ Blog for the latest!


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