Update: Innovation Direct™ receives feedback from industry partner regarding 3 infant items most recently sent…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back with one final update for a busy Thursday. Earlier Thursday, our West Coast-based industry partner provided feedback on the most 3 recent three infant items we had sent him detailed design information about. We had reported on this action in a February 3rd entry (“International Technology Transfer sends information on 3 additional infant accessories to West Coast-based industry partner…“).

As per the correspondence received, our industry partner will not be sharing the information on the 3 inventions with any of the infant products companies he does business with, as he does not feel they will make enough of an impression on them. While we naturally respect our business colleague’s opinion, we will continue to pursue other avenues of opportunity for these concepts.

Any and all future developments will be detailed right here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stop in daily!


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