Update: Innovation Direct™ receives fully executed Confidential Disclosure Agreement from Ohio-based manufacturer; access to detailed design information on school supply invention sent…

Good morning, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back in the saddle with another update. Earlier this morning, we received a fully executed copy of a Confidential Disclosure Agreement from an Ohio-based manufacturer for a school supply invention and as a result, we have already provided the company with access to all of the detailed design information for the product idea. This is the same company and invention we’d most recently reported on just yesterday evening (“Update: International Technology Transfer receives Confidential Disclosure Agreement from Ohio-based manufacturer regarding school supply invention; terms deemed acceptable…“).

We now await the manufacturer’s feedback on the materials and will bring you every detail of their impressions when we receive them, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Make our space a frequent stop!


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