Update: Innovation Direct™ receives reply from Canada-based outdoor products company regarding invention submission policies as well as outdoor tool product; searches for first Innovation Direct To Industry™ package initiated…

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with another Innovation Direct To Industry™-related update. Earlier Tuesday, Innovation Direct™ received a response from the contact person for invention submissions at a Canada-based manufacturer of outdoor products regarding a recent e-mail that had been sent to them. We had just reported on this situation in a February 16th posting (“International Technology Transfer reaches out to Canadian manufacturer regarding Innovation Direct To Industry™, outdoor tool product…“).

As we’d explained in that posting, an Innovation Direct™ representative sent an e-mail to the company providing full details about the Innovation Direct To Industry™ program, and also including preliminary, non-confidential information about a shovel product from the roster that he thought would be a potentially good fit with their product lines. As per the reply received earlier today, the company will not go any further with the invention, as it is not a fit with the type of items they are currently seeking. In fact, the manufacturer did present specific criteria they would like to see in product ideas submitted to them.

The company’s marketing manager emphasized that they wanted to review only product ideas that fall into the outdoor camping category at this time, and that would be small enough to sell on a peghook display in a retailer and be priced at no higher than $ 9.99 to consumers. Accordingly, a search has already begun through our database for inventions that might fit this criteria. As soon as we are able to put together a batch of items and send them we will update you, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stay tuned for the latest!


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