Update: Innovation Direct™ speaks to inventor of infant accessory that is subject of advanced level of interest; new prototype to be prepared and sent to potential licensee in coming days…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back in the saddle one final time with a report for a busy President’s Day. Earlier Monday, the International Technology Transfer representative managing the Innovation Direct To Industry account of our West Coast-based industry partner spoke the inventor of the infant accessory that has become the subject of an advanced level of interest from a New York-based children’s product conglomerate he regularly does business with. The conversation centered around the serious intentions that the manufacturer seems to have about possibly licensing the concept, and about the request they had made to view her prototype first-hand. We had most recently reported about this developing situation in a February 13th entry (“Update: International Technology Transfer receives request for infant accessory prototype from potential licensee…“).

The inventor was certainly pleased to hear about the latest developments, and stated that she would be glad to prepare a prototype of the item to ship to the company. As per the conversation, she had given the original sample to a family member but did not feel that making one from scratch in expedient fashion would present a problem. This good bit of news was already relayed by our aforementioned colleague to our industry partner earlier on Monday, and there will not be an issue with the slight delay in getting the potential licensee a sample to review.

We will continue with updates as they happen, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog!


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