Update: Innovation Direct™ initiates searches for new Innovation Direct To Industry™ package for Las Vegas-based infomercial outfit; update also requested on cooking accessory…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back in the saddle with another Innovation Direct To Industry™-related update. Earlier Wednesday, the Innovation Direct™ representative managing the Innovation Direct To Industry™ account of a Las Vegas-based infomercial company began a search through the Innovation Direct™ database for the company’s latest Innovation Direct To Industry™ package. At the same time, our colleague also e-mailed his contact at the company, who serves as their New Products Manager, to request an update on their pending interest in a cooking accessory from their last batch of items. We had most recently reported on this company in a September 2nd entry (“Update: Innovation Direct™ receives closure on 5 inventions from Las Vegas-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ company…“).

The search being conducted is focused on household, fitness, and beauty-related product ideas, as per previous requests and specifications from the manufacturer. With 6 concepts already pre-selected this afternoon, the aforementioned Innovation Direct™ representative expects to have the package of invention information completed and sent to his contact at the company by the end of the business day tomorrow.

Stay tuned to the Innovation Direct™ Blog for all of the latest updates regarding this developing situation!


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