Update: Innovation Direct™ inventor’s tool product not going further with overseas manufacturer…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a Friday report. Updating a situation we had most recently reported on in a March 24th entry (“Innovation Direct™ inventor’s tool invention receiving interest from overseas manufacturer…“), the China-based manufacturer that had expressed an initial interest in learning more about a too invention from the Innovation Direct™ roster has now decided to not go any further in their exploration of the product idea.

As we’d noted in the aforementioned posting, we had sent the contact at the company an explanatory e-mail emphasizing that the inventor was seeking a product licensing agreement for his invention, as opposed to any type of contract manufacturing arrangement wherein he would be paying them to make his product. While we did not receive a direct response from the company regarding this, the inventor did forward us an e-mail the company contact had sent him explaining that after further deliberation, they had determined they would not have the capabilities to meet the inventor’s needs in this case.

Although this is not the ideal outcome to the situation, it does reflect the importance of being clear and concise when presenting one’s idea to industry, so as to avoid wasting valuable time and exposing one’s idea unnecessarily as well. Naturally, Innovation Direct™ will continue undeterred in its efforts to achieve eventual licensing success with this invention.

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