Update: Innovation Direct™ receives feedback regarding 3 computer accessories that are subjects of exclusive developmental licensing agreements…

Good Monday morning, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, chiming in with the first update of the week. Earlier Monday, the Innovation Direct™ representative that has been managing the advanced level of interest in 3 computer accessories from our roster being displayed by a New Jersey-based manufacturer that works closely with our West Coast-based industry partner received an update via e-mail regarding the inventions. As per the communication received from our West Coast-based industry partner today, the company will not be pursuing the development or commercialization of the items any further. We had most recently reported on this situation, and the fact that the inventions had become subjects of signed exclusive developmental licensing agreements, in a June 26th entry (“Update: Innovation Direct™ receives 3 signed exclusive developmental licensing agreements for computer accessories from New Jersey-based company…“).

Our aforementioned industry partner did not have additional details to offer regarding the reasons why the company has opted to cease their work on the concepts, but this itself is not surprising. The reality is that stumbling blocks such as these often emerge in the pursuit of an invention to market, and the key is to forge ahead in spite of them if there is to be any opportunity for eventual success.

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