Update: Innovation Direct™ receives response to request for update from Massachusetts-based hardware products company…

Good afternoon, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with an update on one of the companies mentioned in today’s earlier entry (“Update: Innovation Direct™ kicks off Tuesday with an Innovation Direct To Industry™ follow-up frenzy…“). Our contact at the Massachusetts-based hardware products company that was featured in that posting, who is also their Director of Research and Development, has responded to Innovation Direct™’s e-mail requesting an update on his impressions of the preliminary, non-confidential information we’d sent him recently on 12 product ideas.

As per the correspondence received, our contact had a chance to give the items a cursory review so far, but intends to evaluate them more in detail in the coming days. As he emphasized, his schedule has been quite full in recent days and he has been unable to devote the proper time to a more thorough look.

We are glad to receive at least one response to our follow-up attempts so far, and will continue to bring you updates regarding this situation here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Make this space a frequent stop!


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