Update: Innovation Direct™ seeks, receives update from licensee of trucking accessory…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back one final time on a busy Thursday. Earlier Thursday, the Innovation Direct™ representative requested and received an update from the president of an Ohio-based licensee of an Innovation Direct™ inventor trucking accessory, the Cable System, regarding the progress of the invention towards commercialization. We had last reported on this invention and licensee way back in an April 21st entry (“Innovation Direct™ receives 4 figure acquisition fee check from manufacturer for previously licensed trucking accessory…“).

With several months having passed since the last communication, the Innovation Direct™ representative managing the situation since the onset felt it would be prudent to check in with the licensee. We are pleased to report that a response was received very promptly from the company president and that overall, it detailed positive news.

As per the communication received, the licensee has purchased a 26 foot curtain van straight truck to utilize as a forum for demonstrating the Cable System to potential buyers. He also reported that he has been in discussions with a lumber company that wishes to install the product on two of their trucks, and that several other companies have already also expressed an interest in seeing the Cable System demonstrated for the purpose of potential purchase.

The invention, which assists its users with loading and securing cargo on curtain side trailers, is expected to generate a modest volume of sales per year due to the niche market it targets, and the aforementioned degree of interest already being shown is therefore considered quite positive. As we continue to receive updates regarding this previously licensed product we will certainly bring them to you, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog. Stop in often!


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