Update: Innovation Direct™ attempts follow-up with potential licensee of bedding accessory regarding conference call…

Greetings, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back with an update on a situation we’d last reported on in a March 27th posting (“Update: Innovation Direct™ requests and receives update from Florida-based potential licensee of bedding accessory…“). Earlier Thursday, the Innovation Direct™ representative that had requested and received an update from the Florida-based company that has had a long-standing interest in a bedding accessory from our roster sent a follow-up e-mail to the firm’s president. 

Thursday’s correspondence became a necessity because the manufacturer never did contact Innovation Direct™ early this week to set a date for a conference call that would also include the inventor, as they’d promised they would. We are certainly hopeful of receiving some sort of response promptly and more importantly, getting a date set for this all-important telephone meeting.

We will update you here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog as soon as we do hear back from the potential licensee. Check back often!


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