Update: Innovation Direct™ provides Florida-based cleaning products manufacturer with contact information for 2 prototype developers; company seeking to have professional sample made of cleaning accessory…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™ ‘s Director of Product Licensing, back with our final update for a Friday. Late Friday afternoon, the Innovation Direct™  representative that has managed the advanced level of interest displayed in a cleaning accessory from our roster since its onset provided the manufacturer with the names and contact information of two prototype developers that we have had experience with in the past, in order to comply with their request for assistance in trying to have a professional sample of the invention put together. We had most recently reported on this ongoing situation in a March 9th posting (“Update: Innovation Direct™ receives update from Florida-based cleaning products company regarding invention that is subject of exclusive developmental licensing agreement…“).

As we’d explained in that entry, the manufacturer had made a determination that they would need a higher quality of prototype after having evaluated the rough version the inventor had provided them with. Innovation Direct™  had pledged to assist in the search for some companies that are involved in product development and design as part of our efforts towards reaching licensing success with the product idea.

We will continue to keep you posted on this situation as warranted, here on the Innovation Direct™  Blog. Stop in often!


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