Update: Innovation Direct™ receives reply from president of Illinois-based Innovation Direct To Industry™ hardware products company regarding 10 inventions; feedback to likely come at National Hardware Show 2009…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, here to kick off Friday with a quick update on a situation we’d reported about just yesterday. As we’d explained in that posting, the Innovation Direct™ representative that manages the Innovation Direct To Industry™ account of the Illinois-based hardware products manufacturer had sent the president of the firm an e-mail requesting long-awaited feedback on the preliminary, non-confidential material sent to him on 10 inventions from our roster several weeks ago.

We are pleased to report that unlike previous occasions, Thursday’s efforts were indeed rewarded, even though definitive feedback still eludes us. As per the correspondence received Friday morning from the outfit’s president, he still has not reviewed the preliminary, non-confidential material on the 10 concepts, but agreed to look them over on the way to this year’s edition of the National Hardware Show, where the manufacturer will once again exhibit. In this manner, the gentleman will be able to inform our trade show representative which items from the group he will have further interest in.

We are enthused by the fact that we have inched forward somewhat in our quest to obtain closure on these product ideas and will certainly update you once we have concrete feedback, here on the Innovation Direct™ Blog.


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