Update: Innovation Direct™ receives reply from California-based licensee of Cover Rake invention regarding e-mail sent…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking back in with an update on a situation we had just reported on in a March 24th entry (“Innovation Direct™ attempts follow-up with California-based licensee of Cover Rake invention…“).Thursday morning, the Innovation Direct™ representative that had sent a follow-up e-mail to the California-based manufacturer that was the subject of that posting received a reply from the outfit’s president regarding his request for an update on the Cover Rake, a pool accessory invention they had licensed from our roster in 2007.

As per the correspondence received, the company is still actively pursuing the commercialization of the product. They have worked through the prototype phase and are in the final stages of completing the production mold, and expect to have production started in approximately 3 months once they have also finalized the packaging for the item.

We are certainly pleased to hear that the invention remains viable and hope to be able to report on successful sales for it in the future, but only time will tell. Check in to this space frequently for the latest news!


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