Update: Innovation Direct™ receives strongest confirmation yet of licensing agreement to be signed on pool accessory…

Hello, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a very positive update on a situation we last reported on in a March 5th posting (“Update: Innovation Direct™ receives update from West Coast-based industry partner regarding advanced level of interest in pool accessory…“). We are pleased to report that as per an e-mail communication received from our West Coast-based industry partner earlier Tuesday, the licensing agreement for the pool accessory that was the subject of that entry will soon be prepared and signed by the Canadian manufacturer that has been expressing an advanced level of interest in the invention for several weeks.

Our industry partner forwarded an e-mail he had received from one of the company principals that stated, in no uncertain terms, that they had decided to move forward with the attempted commercialization of the concept. Accordingly, our industry partner is presently preparing a draft of a licensing proposal that he will send to us for review when completed. If and when all parties come to agreement on the document’s terms, the agreement will be signed and officially in place.

Stay tuned to the Innovation Direct™ Blog for all future updates to this evolving situation!


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