Update: Innovation Direct™ receives two replies to ERA Innovation Direct To Industry™ e-mail campaign; packages of ideas to be prepared on Monday…

Greetings, Juan C. Blanco, Innovation Direct™’s Director of Product Licensing, back once more with an update on a situation we’d just reported about earlier Friday (“Innovation Direct™ reaches out to over 15 member companies of Electronic Retailing Association regarding Innovation Direct To Industry™ program…“). Early Friday evening, Innovation Direct™ received replies from two manufacturers that are members of the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) regarding an e-mail they’d received earlier in the day about our Innovation Direct To Industry™ program. Both companies indicated a willingness to begin reviewing invention information from Innovation Direct™, and one of them also provided more details on their confidentiality policies.

The first outfit is Savvier, LP, a California-based leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing of leading fitness items such as the 6 Second Abs and the Bender Ball. As per their official website, Savvier has a manufacturing partner in Taiwan that is able to make concepts come to life, making them a natural to work with inventors who may not have fully developed products yet. The company identified a contact person for us to work with and begin submitting invention information to.

The second company is AccuFitness, LLC, a Colorado-based entity that is also involved in the production and marketing of a variety of fitness accessories. Besides fitness equipment and accessories, AcccuFitness is also involved in products such as body fat calipers and pedometers. The company contact explained that they are always happy to review inventions that fell into their core specialties and also expressed a willingness to work under confidentiality. Accordingly, the Innovation Direct™ representative that will be managing their Innovation Direct To Industry™ account sent an e-mail copy of our non-disclosure agreement, so as to allow AccuFitness to become familiarized with its terms.

We expect to have Innovation Direct To Industry™ package for both manufacturers prepared in the early part of the week next week. Check in often with the Innovation Direct™ Blog for the latest!


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